Giles OldershawI studied printmaking and photo media at Central St Martins. I am a member of the Oxford Art Society and the Oxford Print Co-Op.

My current interest is Portraiture. I get a thrill out of trying a new process or media. The idea is usually led by the subject-for example one model had a craggy baggy face-so I used an old jiffy bag! I have also had some success with a baked potato!

In this last year my great excitement has been with cardboard relief. From a piece of corrugated cardboard I remove layers to make shadows-which define the image.

This particular style has generated good feedback from a broad range of public. I have exhibited in cafes and galleries (10 Oxford venues in 2011).

“Some of the best and most interesting work displayed in the Phoenix Cinema Bar for quite some time.”
– Comment from the Phoenix Cinema Bar, Oxford.

“Strong and uncompromising…compellingly nostalgic.”
– Oxford Times Pick of the week 17.2.11

“He must be our most exhibited artist.”
– Jo Thoenes in the afternoon, BBC Radio Oxford 14.4.2011

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